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I wrote in about 3 months ago asking if anyone had been on the chemo Doxil. I got some good responsives. I started DOXIL in June. I have had 3 treatments and have had very bad side effects.
Everything from a bad rash, neasua, muscle spasms and depression. To name a few. Had a CT scan July 29th and the DOXIL did not even help. My Dr took me off DOXIL and put me on the anti-estrogen pill (ARIMIDEX). She is keeping me on it for three months, then if my CA125 goes up she will put me back on chemo. I am so glad because I need a break from chemo and let my body rest.



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    Hi Dinora
    I just had my 4th

    Hi Dinora
    I just had my 4th treatment last week. I've not had the rash issue but having rough side effects from the steroids to not get the bad rash (I had a mild rash after round 1 but not the severe painful rash). Each month seems to get harder - I am very tired and it takes longer to get back to normal before i have another round. I'll need 6 rounds so only 2 more .. The good news is that it is working. numbers are down. This past week my hair has thinned significantly though. I was not expecting this so it is a bit depressing. I know its a mnor thing in the scheme of things but still brings me down..
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    First Doxil
    I had my first dose of Doxil and they combined it with carboplatin. Not much in side effects except being totally wiped out for a week. Could hardly move from room to room. I had to take the nausea pills and they worked. Good loss of appetite. I slept alot. I don't know which drug was causing the effects. Thought I would only get the Doxil so I was surprised by the combo. Saundra