slow healing, blood thinners, blood clots and a lumpectomy

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How many days did they take you off your blood thinner before a lumpectomy?

Did you have inject yourself before surgery with blood thinners? For how long?

And how many days after the surgery did they put you back on the blood thinner?

How soon did you see your doctor after the surgery for a follow-up visit?

Did a doctor follow up with you after your surgery? Which specialty?

Did you have any complications? Any blood clots? Was healing slow? How long did it take for the incision to heal?

Who monitored your bruising and a possible blood clot after surgery?

Thanks for your help and kindness.


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    Hi Jgpaulson. Sorry I can't
    Hi Jgpaulson. Sorry I can't answer any of your questions. Have you consulted with your plastic surgeon? They are the one that can answer these for you. If not, call them and get an appointment as soon as possible to discuss this.

    Good luck!