Greatest Losers...results are in!!

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Well, another week of sweat, tears, and no chocolate (hence the tears), but the results are in. They are as follows:

4slurpee - (+.8) (-6) = (-5.2) Takes the lead!!!
Tasha_111 - (0) (-5) = (-5) Comes in second place!!!
Lolad (-5) (+1) = (-4) Follows in third place!!!

Fauxma (-1.2) (-2.3) = (-3.5)
taleena (0) (-2.1) = (-2.1)
Akiss4me (0) (-1) = (-1)
Marcia527 (-.6) (+.4) = (-.2)
rjjj (0) (0) = (0)
phonenixrising (-1) (+1) = (0)

Elm3544 (0) (not posted)
Greeneyed Girl (0) (will post Tuesday)

Good luck ladies for this week!! It's summertime!! Snack on those fresh veggies!! Hide the chocolate!! Drink 1 extra glass of water everyday this week!! Walk 5x's around your house everyday!! Hey, I'm only 5 places from look out, cause her I come!! (:-) Pammy


  • GreeneyedGirl
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    Happy Nekked on the scale dance!
    I am soooo thrilled to see that I am down one more pound (total of 2). After 3 weeks of running with my sister and I don't mean with tennis shoes on.......
    I am heading to my treadmill right now...encouraged!
    Thanks for letting me report late, and we leave for camping on Friday returning monday so will report again next tues--thank you for being so graceful with me on logging in late. I won't be the biggest losing winner, but if I can get a few pounds off--it will make me smile!
  • fauxma
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    Thanks Pammy for keeping
    Thanks Pammy for keeping track of all of this. And we are all such winners because of you. Even staying even is a victory in this battle of the pounds.
    And I love the new baby you. I am going to be leaving the land of the apes soon but haven't decided what to put in it's place. We shall see.
    Again, thanks for the idea for this and posting our results. And I can see you moving ever forward to 1st place.
  • outdoorgirl
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    Good for you
    guys-woohooo! You go,girls!!
  • elm3544
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    sorry for the late post
    My mom was here for a week and just went home yesterday. Also a surprise vist form 3 aunts!
    Anyhow, I had GAINED 5# since my June dr visit and it has not gone away yet :(
    Dr says my weight is good and not to worry about it, but I weigh over 140 and I am only 5'3".
    I have heard that the Taxotere causes weight gain so I am blaming it on that.
    I still plan to award a "prize" to the biggest loser, if whoever that is wants it!
    Good luck to all and hope everyone is having a great week!
  • chickad52
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    Congrats to all of you. Losing weight is not easy. You all should be proud!! Diane :)