grlinfl are you out there?

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Have not seen a post from you in a few weeks. Wondering how you were doing with your Social Security disability issues? Have you checked it out? Sheila


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    I'm still here!
    Sorry, that it has been a while. I've just been busy with other things, doctors appts., getting son ready for school, etc. Still trying to figure out how to manage financially, if we take the "plunge" and try for disability. We are just afraid of getting rejected, and have to go without the income. We can "survive" on my income, without paying medical expenses. Also, some things have changed with his work, making less money. I have heard that you can have a little income and still apply for disability. Waiting to see if his income falls under the limit for this month. Although, I wish I could bring a SSD agent here right now, as my husband was not able to go to work today, because he is unable to get out of bed due to pain! Maybe if I take video's, maybe that would help my case-LOL. Thanks for checking on me! I'm still hanging in there.