Not Getting Nutrients

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I just don't think I'm getting the nutrients I need to get my platelet count up. I have an ileostomy and I always knew that things go right through you with this, but today I really noticed it when I ate jello and 1/2 hour later it was coming out and also my vitamins which I now cut in quarters come out "in quarters". I don't know how I can even absorb anything with it coming out so fast. I was told gain at least 5 pounds in the last two months from my surgeon and I see him on Tuesday and he is going to talk to me again about my weight. I think I eat ok, but my husband doesn't think I eat enough, but I don't do anything strenuous enough to burn any calories. I'm maintaining weight, but not gaining. Any suggestions? Any ideas on getting more protein with an ileostomy? I'm lost as to what to do.

Thanks for any input.

Hugs! Kim


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    I hope this helps:

    Peanut Butter
    Protein Shakes (Whey portein)
    Protein Bars (Kashi is a good one)

    Also, check out this website:
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    Ask Lisa
    Lisa found a place to get vitamins that you squirt under your tongue and her counts jumped right up. I think she said Dr. Merckle but I may be wrong!

    Gosh, I'm sorry to hear about this Kim. Nutrition is so important!
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    not getting nutrients
    I had that problem and decided that it was related to what the chemo/rad had done to the lining of my intestines; chemo kills fast growing cells like digestive cells as well as cancer cells. So if you are on chemo you will need to consider supplementing your natural intestinal flora and digestive enzymes to actually digest the food.If you are not on chemo do it anyway if you don't think you are digesting food and aren't gaining weight back.
    I use a probiotic mix ( Garden of Life brand is good), a digestive enzyme mix ( Garden of Life again) Betaine HCL for things that digest in the stomach and pancreatic enzymes to digest fatty things like dark meat chicken ( don't eat red meat) These would be the first things i would do for sure.
    Good luck.
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    spray vitamins
    Hi Kim,

    Diane mentioned I've gotten some spray vitamins. I got spray vitamin D through Dr. Mercola's website. This spray vitamin D boosted my vitamin D levels when the vitamin D supplement pills I took before that did nothing to boost my level, so that's when I realized I probably have an absorption problem. (I actually discussed that w/ my onc recently and we decided to put me on the 5FU pump again instead of continuing with the oral Xeloda- bummer for me, but probably best to be sure I'm getting it all).
    Anyhow, I also use a spray multivitamin. I think this would be something great for you to try! I've never seen them in any healthfood stores- just on the internet. In the healthfood stores, I've seen liquid droplets you can put under your tongue- they may be worth trying also. I think the spray form has shown the highest level of absorpability of any supplement form.
    The spray multivitamin I use is Lumina Health Product's Cellfood multivitamin spray. You can google it to read about it more. I think the actual Lumina Health company doesn't sell it online, but other companies sell their products. I got mine most recently through, of all things! It normally sells for about $34. I found it for $30 and free shipping on
    One more thing- I googled and read about a few different companies that make these spray vitamins. I went with the ones I mentioned above since one daily amount of these is six sprays under the tongue and the others said eight sprays a day under the tongue, yet they all had the same amount of ounces, so I thought the ones that gave the same amount with six sprays instead of eight were the better deal.

    Try it- I really think it'd be worth trying both products.

    Best wishes,