Recurrance melanoma

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if anybody have recurrance melanoma. I would like to know what treatments have you consider? Thanks,Clarence


  • JR1949
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    My wife has recurrant melanoma. She had a mole and lymph nodes that were removed 18 years ago. She faithfully came back for checkups and the June 2009 chest xray revealed spots on her trachea and her lung. PET scan revealed stage 4 melanoma in lymph nodes on her trachea and back of her lung and in her lung. Oncologist has recommended immune therapy with IL2
    (interleuken 2) to be adminstered intravenously every 8 hours for 5 days. After one week has passed she returns for another round for 5 days. We wait for 12 weeks and if treatments have been effective, she will undergo the 5 days, week off, 5 days again. She starts 2 weeks from now. The oncologist told us he has patients who have been in remission for 5 - 10 - 15 years so there is hope. We are facing this with a positive attitude and praying to God for healing.