New Guided Imagery/Music for Chemotherapy sessions...need a title

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Ladies and Gents,
After going "at it"with surgeries & chemo for a couple years (with a divorce thrown in for good measure) the urge to "do something & give back" kicked in. I'm a musician and have studied, employed techniques from Mindfulness Meditation to Shiv Asana in yoga, to Chinese Medical Chi Kung. I've taken elements, for me the most useful, and have created something to listen to while you are sitting there in the Chemo Suite getting dosed. A CD recording to use the time and drugs more effectively. It's a calm voice, lovely quiet ambient backgrounds and a waterfall. Then soothing supportive music.
It's been "mastered " and the text and photos for CD art are in process.
Originally I thought it was clever to name it in a musical way, double entendre...The Chemo Suites, Cleansing Waters. It's copyrighted already but:
I've got a couple of survivors that say they don't want to hear the words "Chemo" or "Suite" as it triggers bad memories. I'm looking for a name to title this...

If you want to voice an opinion...let me know. I'm beginning a blog and my website is
The intention of the recording is to help visualize the, yes I'm naming them, the "Sick cells" being washed out of the body. It's a 25 minute session with about 30 minutes of music after.
A couple of docs, Ericksonian phychiatrist and a Wellness Community director, have added their recommendations of this and I hope it eventually goes out to individuals and chemo suites.

I was in there for 4 months and needed to turn a nasty negative into a positive in order to survive and thrive. This is my contribution to try to alleviate some suffering. Been a musician for decades and am grateful to be able to continue.
Let me know if you've got suggestions for a title...and how to get it into the Chemo Suites.
Many Thanks! Heal Well and fast! V R