DianeSmall re aranesp safety

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I realize your original post was over a month ago, I just now saw it. In Googling "aranesp safety" as I had never heard of the drug, I found some interesting articles.

This is a quote from site http://www.chinapost.com.tw/news/archives/business/2007218/102868.html

"There has been speculation that the drug, which fights anemia in chemotherapy and kidney dialysis patients by boosting production of red blood cells, may be feeding cancerous tumors. Studies have attempted to demonstrate that oxygenation of tumors with Aranesp could improve tumor reaction to treatments such as radiation."

It does say there have been some very severe unexpected reactions and consequences.

You might consider doing the Google search and see what you think.

Hope this info is still timely for you, or that it might give prior info to others.

I do side with Linda's advice to get the blood infusion and wait the week. There seem to be no long term side effects with that, unless there is the urgency that she cautions about.

You know, I really want to commend Linda on her knowledgeable input for all matters canceresk, so to speak.

As always love and hope to us all