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Hey everyone. I am so excited, today i got my first fill into my skin expanders and ive got something there again finally. Yesterday was my onc appt and i do have to do chemo, but only four rounds, so thats not too bad. Tomorrow i go for my muga scan. Start chemo on tuesday as long as the muga turns out ok. Then i go for the brca genetic test because i have to do hormonal therapy after chemo. Wow! Alot going on now, but im ready to get it over with and to go on with my life. Its just seemed like forever to get to this point. Just wanted to share my excitment about my boobs!! HEHE



  • chickad52
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    Congrats to the new Boobs!! Good luck with the testing!! :)
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    chickad52 said:

    Congrats to the new Boobs!! Good luck with the testing!! :)

    You will feel like you are going through adolescence(sp?) again I know I did with every fill.

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    Blessed be thy boobs!!

    Blessed be thy boobs!!

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    Hey Laura....
    Glad things are moving along for you. That puts you a little closer to the end. You can let your breath out now!!!! And enjoy the birth of your new boobie!! :) Pammy