BCG side effects

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My husband has had bladder cancer since 2004 and has two surgeries to remove the tumor, most recent last April 2008. He seems to be having more and more side effects of the BCG treatments and has frequent urination issues all the time now. They put him on several prescriptions for spasms, etc. and now on antibiotics again. Has anyone else had any problems and is this common after so many treatments? He is very discouraged about the burning and the frequent urination controlling his social life. He is retired and has a walking group and is embarresed to have to stop and not be able to walk the whole round with the group like he used to. Anyone who has same problems with any encouragement would be appreciated.
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    My husband had bladder cancer twice in 2007 and followed up with the BCG which he finished at the end of 2008. He never had any side effects, infections, or frequent urination. He gets up once during the night, but he's turning 70 in a couple of weeks. Nancy
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    BCG side affect
    I had the frequent and burning urination problem after treatment with both mitomycin-C and BCG. It got so bad with the second course and that I had to discontinue it. My urologist prescribed oxybutinin which gave me some relief. I've since had a radical cystectomy and am going through chemo which isn't fun, but I don't have the frequency and burning problems anymore. Best of luck with your fight.