Cat scan and nuclear bone scan

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Hi I am a fairly newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient and this Friday I go for a cat scan and a nuclear bone scan. It is to see if my cancer left the prostate and if not I am going to go for the Davinci so my fingers and toes (yes both) will be crossed until then. I seem to be edging closer to a conclusion and am nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof but you others here have really helped me with your candid honesty and I pray for all of you every time I read a new post or review an old one. This is just my way of thanking you all since I only know you from here but you help has been a tremendous asset to me and my decision making again thanks all......Nick


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    Please let us know how your
    Please let us know how your scan's go.

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    Upcoming test
    Hang in there. The tests are basically painless. I just completed both early this month. The bone scan did pick up a couple of things, but they were not cancer related. If you have ever hurt yourself it may show up. They did xrays and they were old injuries. Just keep doing your research and things will work out. Best of luck.

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    ProstaScint scan?
    Hi NM,

    I had a ProstaScint scan that finalized my decision not to have surgery since hormone therapy would achieve the same results in my case. 14.4 PSA, Gleason 7 at biopsy. An endo-rectal MRI showed seminal vesicle invasion and then the ProstaScint scan showed further involvement... lymph nodes and Mesenteric artery involvement. Hope this helps and best wishes to your outcome...Here's a link on ProstaScints: