Will my husband become sterile from chemo/radiation treatments?

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I am curious if this happens after the first chemo treatment or if this happens gradually after numerous treatments. Does it happen to everyone? We are done having children, but I am just curious.


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    Everyone is different in terms of how the chemo affects the body. I have a friend that is a testicular survivor that had rads and chemo. They thought for sure he would be sterile, so they adopted a little boy. A year later they had a baby and then a few years later another. So if the rads and chemo didn't do it to him, it might not to your husband.

    I didn't want to take the time before treatments started to go "freeze my boys" and I haven't been tested to see if I can or can't have kids.

    Since you are done having kids it probably doesn't really matter, but you can have him checked when done with chemo to see if he did become sterile.
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    Hey there,

    My husband is getting ready to have Chemo/Radiation too. We are too done having children, but I wanted to comment because My best friend, her husband had hodkins when he was only 30 and they only had one child, who was two at the time. They told him that he would be sterile, he had six months of chemo/radiation. They decided not to wait to "freeze" eggs and said they would be just fine with only one child. Anyway, long story short-but after five years of remission she got pregnant and they had their second daughter. So, you just never know.

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