Our Combined List of Gratefulness

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1) That I have the strength to open the front door on my own.
2) That I can close my own car door
3) That I do not have "skipping ropes" of drains attach to me and that I can move freely
4) That I do not have a water-balloon inside of me
5) That I can lift pots and pans on my own.
6) That I can give/ receive non-defensive hugs
7) That I can sleep in any position I want
8) That I can lay down in a bath and let the warm water slosh and roll all over me.
9) That I can push my own trolley at the supermarket.
10) That I can sit on a kitchen chair and scoot it up to the table
11) That I can sit in a recliner and lift the legs
12) That I can shower
13) That I can reach up and get a glass in the cupboard
14) That I haven't had to spend money on shampoo or hair cuts.
15) That I don't have to do anything I don't want to do and just tell people it's because "I have cancer.
16) That I have such a wonderful medical team. I've never met so many caring people.
17) That I found this website and all of you wonderful sisters and brothers.
18) To be alive :)
19) To be free of cancer
20) My loving partner! He/She is truly everything to me! ( perfect for me )
21) My wonderful family!
22) My fabulous friends in the real world and on here!
23) My supportive co-workers!
24) My faith!
25) My beautiful children.
26) My pets that can always make me laugh
27) My current sense of well being.
28) Food!
29) All my bodily functions are current operational!
30) All you guys!
31) No more worry of hair in my food.
32) I can usually get a quick laugh by asking if a free haircut comes with a fillup, or if the new way I am wearing my part looks ok, or when baldheaded prop your sunglasses up on your head and ask if the sunglasses make you look bald
33) People mistake me for great america guy and start humming the song...I love music!
34) My roots aren't showing.
35) Household safety - no more disposable razors in the shower stall!
36) Don't have to worry about wind whipping hair in my face.
37) Head dries quickly after showering or swimming.
38) Don't have to carry around an autograph book at concerts.
39) No bad hair days.
40) No more shaving body parts.
41) I know that this is going to be too much information,but how about not having to have a bikini wax for all you women who are sun and water babies?!!
42) My home
43) My garden
44) Being able to watch my flowers grow (theyre beautiful)
45) Strawberry Margaritas!!


  • outdoorgirl
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    Thanks for all the time you took in putting this together!
  • Akiss4me
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    Thanks Iamhope......
    It is endless what we can be greatful for, isn't it!! What a list!! :) Pammy
  • chenheart
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    I "got" all of the things to
    I "got" all of the things to be happy and grateful for except number 33~ who or what is the great america guy and what is the song? Just wondering!

    And IamHope, if you are NOT one who has had the honor of seeing the Survivor Movie, pls go there! www.The SurvivorMovie.com You will love it! Especially after the list you just posted!
    It's only about 3 minutes long, and very empowering!