saw my therapist

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I saw my therapist yesterday before starting chemo tomorrow. Macys. A little retail therapy.


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    You Kick-****!!
    Best thing in the world! you go girl!
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    Uh. I have trouble even
    Uh. I have trouble even getting my arm that high. (I'm referring to the picture of you kicking high) :)
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    I'm just wondering if insurance covers this therapy? If so, I'll need to check into it!!!

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    Love that kind of therapy!
    Love that kind of therapy! lol
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    Kylez said:

    Love that kind of therapy!
    Love that kind of therapy! lol

    me too!
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    Eil4186 said:

    me too!

    You go girl!

    You go girl!
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    A while back...
    There were many discussions on this board regarding the benefits of Retail Therapy, including several Tutorials.

    Yeah, we know what you're talking about!