Remember when we talked about rewriting I'm Bad by MJ to I'm NED?

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Several of you responded to my challenge to put new lyrics to Michael Jackson's"I'm Bad" to make it go "Im NED"
Well, I'm still laughing out loud because i found the lyrics and the first line in the song is:

Your butt is mine!

I give up, nothing can beat that funny surprise, esp. for us semicolons!


  • lisa42
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    You're so BAD :)

    I never noticed that line before!

  • grandma2selena
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    That is Funny
    I had never noticed that myself. I haven't had the opportunity to talk to my friend to see if he would rewrite the lyrics...the day the post came out about it he lost his mother, so he is still grieving and hasn't been around much. I hadn't forgot though.