Daughter's Wedding

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I have had a very busy couple of weeks... family came in from Mississippi and North Carolina for my daughter's wedding and stayed a week at my house. For those of you who live in Massachusetts or New England for that matter know it has done nothing but rain since June. God blessed us with the most beautiful day!! The whole wedding was taking place out side on a lake so as you can imagine I was very stressed out!!!

The day before the family arrived my hair started falling out (day 13 after first chemo treatment)! I thought I was prepared with being ok with my husband shaving my head... why not because I already had my wig, new scarves, hats etc. I cried!!! BUT I am getting use to is now.

A few glitches started the day before and day of...
Barnadies did not order the vests for the best man and grooms man so had to rush out and get ties.
Groom was supposed to have the photographer taken care of BUT found that we did not have one when my daughter, Lorell & I were getting ready and needed pictures he was not there. Luck would have it that one of the guests has a great camera and agreed to help.

Next, one of the guests started drinking before the wedding and being a hot sunny day and exposed decided to pass out right in the area we were to walk out to start the wedding. Had to call ambulance and wait...

Well 40 minutes late now the issue resolved... guest refused to go to the hospital but was moved out of our path.

The rest of the day was perfect! Please go to my expressions.. I have a picture of Lorell water skiing in her wedding dress.

Oh by the way... my second chemo treatment was the following Friday (July 17) and it kicked my butt for a week. May have been because of how busy I have been :)

Thank you for letting me share my daughter's day with you. I have still been thinking of all of you and praying every night that God gives us the strength and comfort we need to get up every day and fight the best we can for ourselves and our loved ones thru this horrible chapter in our lives.
Hugs to all!


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    That sounds like a very eventful wedding day to say the least!Pretty neat picture of your daughter water skiing in her wedding dress-that's definately something I've never seen before! Thanks for sharing with all of us.
    I cried a little when my husband shaved my head too-but grew used to it and not having to mess with it for a while was a blessing to me(no bad hair days!!).
    Hope this finds you doing well.
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    My goodness~ you most certainly have had a busy couple of weeks! The things that happen at a wedding...always a glitch or two that 99% of the guests are blissfully unaware of! I know your daughters' day was beautiful, and it will give her stories to tell and laugh about for years to come!

    We understand the crying over your hair; being physically prepared and having all the scarves and wigs in the world still doesn't prepare us emotionally. Add to that a wedding, and guests, and weather~ you did wonderfully! A big Hurrah and a cyber hug from all of the Sisters in here who share this journey with you!

    Time for you to exhale! You deserve it!

    Thanks again for sharing~ and I am about to go to the Expression page to see Lorell water-skiing!

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    Kayla, you are an amazing woman. I was finished with chemo and rads when my eldest daughter's wedding plans were announced (to her dad and me). I cried. I said, I can't do it. Can't you wait? They did wait until April 09 to get married (pix in Expressions) with receptions in April and July (3). Hope you had tons of help, like I had. I haven't looked on your Expressions page (yet), but I will. Congratulations. Now take good deep breaths, relax and take care of YOU. :) Lynn
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    What a warrior!!
    I don't kmow how you did it!! You are very much a warrior and I am glad in the end everything turned out OK. Love the water skiing in a wedding dress!! Definitely a first for me. Thanks for sharing. :) Pammy