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I can't believe at long last I have found a forum concerning USPC. I come from the UK and everywhere I look, no-one seems to have heard about serous papillary cancer. I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer last November, had a hysterectomy early December and went along to see the consultant on 23rd December expecting to be given the 'all clear'.

I was told the good news that they had removed everything 'in tact' and all looked well, but I might like to consider chemo as this wasn't the normal type of endometrial cancer and was both rare and high-grade.

Our Christmas was not good. We had the family to stay but spent a lot of time on the internet researching USPC and finally found a paper from the States recommending both brachytherapy and chemo (paclitaxel/carbo platin). Armed with this, we went to see the Oncologist who agreed to go along with this treatment, which began early January.

I finished the last of the chemo on 29th May and am beginning the long road back to feeling 'normal' once more. However, there is always the niggle, 'what if .....' and there doesn't seem to be any marker test which can be done, just three-monthly visits to chat with the consultant. Does anyone know of any up-to-date information about further tests please.


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    Welcome Polly to the site
    Sorry for your diagnosis. Most of us have had the chemo and radiation treatments, external and internal. Then we are scheduled to have 3 month follow-ups with CA 125, CAT scans and pelvic exams for at least a year. Some are finished with their treatments and some of us are nearing the end of our treatment plans. One person was told to listen to her body to know if something is going on. I am hesitant to listen to my body, as I had no symptoms at all when the UPSC was found. I just went in for a routine pap test, and the abnormal cells were found. Good luck on this journey. In peace and caring. HUGS to you.
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    There may be a "marker".
    For some the blood test CA125 acts as a marker. This is an ovarian cancer marker but can also be one for uterine. My doctor considers it one for my UPSC and tests for this regularly. If your doctor has not mentioned this, I would ask.

    Best wishes.

    Mary Ann