A week of 'bombshells'...

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I went to the doctor to have my left eye looked at because I noticed it looked swollen, almost like someone had punched me, but without the bruising. My doctor sent me to the ER at GW University Hospital in Wash DC. After an initial CT scan, it was determined that I had a 4 cm mass growing behind my left eye. I was admitted to the hospital that evening for further testing. I saw multiple doctors on Tuesday 7/14, but no further testing was done until Wednesday 7/15 when I saw the Opthamologist and ENT doctors since they saw another mass in my right sinus cavity. After speaking with both teams of doctors regarding biopsy of both masses, I decided to have the mass in my sinus cavity biopsied since it would be easiest to do with much less pain/risk/recovery time. Earlier in the morning of 7/15, I had a full torso and neck CT scan done and received the results of this on Thursday morning from my attending physician. She informed me that whatever I had had spread to my lymph nodes in my torso, groin and armpit area, but these were not able to be felt with the normal manual examination. I also did not have any other symptoms before going into the hospital. On Thursday 7/16, I had the mass in my sinus cavity biopsied and it was determined that I have B Cell Lymphoma. At this time, I am unsure as to what stage I am in and have an appointment to see the Oncologist on 7/22 to get the results and also to set an appointment to have a bone marrow biopsy performed. I have also been given the recommendation to have a combination of chemo/radiation therapy done and that this disease is curable. I've also done research on nutrition during and after treatment and have already begun adjusting my diet to eat more fresh, organic fruits/vegetables and less packaged/prepared items off the shelves. I have a great support system in place with family and friends locally and even with my Facebook family, they've been quite supportive as well. I have had my 'bad times' and have shed buckets of tears... But I think this is just from the initial 'shock' of it all... But now, it's time for me to pull the suit of armor out of my closet and become a fighter and fight this with every ounce of strength that I can possibly muster. I've also found out that stress level does play a major factor in recovery. Prior to this diagnosis, my temper was very short and I would get mad easily at some very minor things. All that has now changed... The little details don't matter anymore... What matters the most is ME getting better and beating this. I intend on following my doctor's advice to the letter!! I intend on coming out of this a much better person than I was before and after I complete my treatments and hear the word 'remission', I plan on becoming a very strong advocate for cancer prevention/treatment in my area. It has taken an emotional toll on my family and friends and I believe that we've gotten through the shock.. Now, it's time to get past the treatment/recovery and to enjoy a life that WILL be cancer free!!

While I was in the hospital, I wrote this to help keep myself motivated and in a positive mindset... I'd like to share this with everyone...


L - Live, Love & Laugh
Y - You're a fighter and can beat this!
M - Make new friends at each treatment session. You are all in this together!
P - Perseverance and Patience are key!
H - Hug someone and show your support
O - One day at a time! You will get better!
M - Make others laugh and smile during your recovery/treatments!
A - Always remember that there's tomorrow.

My best wishes and prayers to everyone who is fighting this! Stay Strong and FIGHT!
-Roger Hardman (on Facebook under the same name)