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Mad Juz
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Just had the results of my brain op to be told the tumor is maglignant, and i will need further chemo & rediotharapy to get rid of what's left.
To be honest I'm scared and very frightened in dying and leaving my family, and wondered if anyone could give me some advice on the chances of getting through this nightmare.
I understand they removed 90% of the tumor so it's just the case of killing the rest of it.
Any postive news would be great.
I'm hotmailed up, and have a web cam so the more


  • PBJ Austin
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    I'm sorry for what you are going thru
    My 25-year-old sister was diagnosed in March and yes it is quite scary. This board has offered great comfort to me, so please search this forum and read survivor stories. Do not surf the web and look up survival stats. Stats mean nothing as you are in individual person, so go with the belief you can beat any odds because you CAN!! Progress is being made in cancer research every day and you must never give up. Additionally I suggest joining a support group in your area.

    Good luck, you and everyone on this board are all in my prayers.
  • davidbdailey
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    May God Bless you
    Mad Juz, I was Newly diagnosed in April and WOW! boy what a job is does on you and family. WOW~! Started looking on the WEB as to what is what. Found a few great sites like this one. This is a greaet place to start. We found a survivor whose name was so close to mine... Mine name is David B Dailey,,, and his name is David M Bailey. His web site is We made it to Preston Robert Tisch brain tumor center at Duke Un. in North Carolina and have met the same doctors that he has been seeing. Duke gave us so much hope and love. It is amazing. I only have 7 more radiation Treatments our of 30 left to do. I am on Chemo (Caplets of Temodar) and after I complete the radiation treatments I get 2 weeks break and them my Next MRI and go to Duke to see what the next plan is. As I know that My Almighty God has given us our Mericle on July 5th. I AM SURE.

    pRAYERS ARE BEING SAID FOR YOU Hourly by me each say. May god Bless you and all of your family.
  • ChristyM
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    keep your head up
    I was diagnosed back in May 2008-and I am planning on being here for many many more years!!! Keep your head up-stay positive and do not read things on the internet!! Most of the data I have found is from many years ago-not using current information. Live your life one day at a time and take the time to appreciate things in your life-I think I have done a 180 in my attitude pre tumor--and that is the one thing that I am glad that occured from me having that darn thing in my head.
    My tumor was 100% removed (of course, they mention that doesn't mean they have it all) and I am living each day like a survivor and think that way too!
    You can do it-just keep reminding yourself of that.