Possible Bladder Cancer?

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For the past year, I've had small amounts of blood show up on urine tests. My doctors brushed it off as urinary track infections and past problems with kidney stones. But I was involved in a car accident last weekend and was sent to the hospital. I did not suffer serious injuries - just a small bump on my head. But more blood was spotted in my urine test and the Doctor referred me to a Urologist last Monday. I'm scheduled to have a cystoscopy on 7.30.09. The Urologist spotted blood in my urine during my visit too. I'm 49 years old. I don't smoke or drink and I stayed away from drugs when I was young. I'm feeling pretty nervous right now. I'm single and live alone and I don't have close friends or family who can help me if something is seriously wrong with me.


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    Bladder Cancer
    Hey how did your Cystoscopy turn out on July 30, 2009?