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I guess I am just looking for advice. Mom was diagnosed with a sarcoma, April of 2006 I was lucky to be with her the whole time in the hospital and then back to be with her in June and July of that year She did very well through Chemo, there were tough times and rough times and of course my dad was on a roller coaster with her. They are both 80 but not used to being confined to a house. They are retired and travel and have dinners out in restaurants 5 days a week. After the last check up the dr found a something small under her pelvic bone. Chemo started back up June 2 and she has just finished Round 2 of 3 She knows more about it now but that does not make it all easier. After the second chemo treatment, she had the Nuelastra and this made her weak, she has diarrhea and a terrible metal taste in her mouth. Well, I have networked with others and found out that maybe if she tried plasticware to eat she would be better (finally she is listening and will try it)
Does anyone have any advice that I could give her (if she will take it) I thank God that she is doing well and that Dad and her are just set back a bit and then they will be on their way after this next Round in two weeks (that is supposed to be the end) with God's help she will be scanned again and maybe cancer free.