Hodgkin survivor and gas station

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I am posting this on behalf of my father who is a Hodgkins lymphoma survivor. He completed his chemotherapy a few years back and has been okay since. He is now almost 60 years old. The problem is that he is considering buying a gas station and is serious about it however has not considered any health implications. He would be pumping gas the majority of the day and be exposed to benzene and car fumes. He already has an increased risk due to his history and this exposure would not make it worse. I am trying to convince him to do something else but am I wrong to do this?


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    I'm afraid I may have to side with your father on this one. But only, and I mean, only if...

    1) he is feeling well enough to do so
    2) he is being followed up for not only his Hodgkin's (yeah, even though it's in remission), but also for any possible late effects due to the treatments he recieved (if there are any).

    There is so much that survivors of cancer must face, not just in beating a disease which still kills too many people, but then must battle the aftermath (discrimination, fear of recurrence, or even will to live).

    We all take risks in our lives, and there are many survivors who probably take even greater risks (I happen to work with a lot of chemicals and fine, inhalable material, biohazards, and other serious things).

    I admire your dad for wanting to take this on. I could only hope that he doesn't face too many stumbling blocks due to his medical past.

    One final note, you are not wrong in your position either. You are a caring child. To not care about your dad is what would be wrong.

    Paul E., (Hodgkoid2003)