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Is anyone afraid of losing their health care because of this. That's all I dreamt of last night because they said that over 11 million people with employer paid health care could lose their health care within the next couple months and have to sign up for this government health care. I will be screwed. No government is going to pay $14,000 a treatment for me. I also saw the route you would have to take just to get to the doctor to get a diagnosis, this really scares me. Any thoughts!



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    Hi Kim
    I had to go on medicaid through all this. They did pay for my surgeries and chemo treatments. They have also paid for all my testing so far. Some medications required a pre-authorization and took a little time, but I did get them. Any public hospital, such as the James Center at Ohio University Hospital is required to accept public health care ins. And this is a very good place. So far I have received good treatment since I had to go on government insurance.
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