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As I posted before I found a lump above my belly button. Well found out today its a hernia..Need to have it repaired right away..Also I will have my gallbladder out at the same time..In to much pain to let it go anymore..I just HATE the thought of having surgery (it will have to be open surgery) and being in the hospital again...Has anyone been there and done that as an open surgery?????? How long is recovery and how painful is it afterwards worse than the colon resection???? JULIE


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    Hi Julie,since I am a
    Hi Julie,since I am a caregiver, so I am sorry that I can't help you with answering the questions but please think postive that the lump is not Ca just hernia.I think everybody hates surgery,my hubby will possibly have surgery for rectum resection either at the end of August or the begginning of September,I am very very worried already.I send you my best wishes and I wish very good luck to your surgery.
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    I had an open liver
    I had an open liver resection with gall bladder removal back in December. It wasn't pleasant! I definitely think the liver resection recovery was worse than the LAR...for me...Just make sure you have good pain killers and a comfortable place to rest afterwards. Good luck with your procedure.
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    Julie, I am so sorry, hon.
    Julie, I am so sorry, hon. I have not had this done as a separate surgery. But how can much be worse than a bowel resection. I don't think there is a part of our bodies that is more crabby about being messed with than our digestive system. I did have my gall bladder out with my resection (and my ovaries) and I haven't missed my gall bladder one bit. My dad had a hernia operation quite a while back and he did really good with it. I so understand your fear. I was just telling a friend last night, trying to explain it... the fear after going through cancer and treatment is just so huge. But try not to be too afraid this time. Tell the surgeon not to touch your colon and tick it off. I wish you the very best, Julie.