They are thinking of building a theme park....

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Last night my beau and I went to a friend's house for a visit on our bikes. Now, to set the stage, my bike was Hans' mother's bike, and the light was just as old...

We all had a glass of wine, and sat by the fire outside in the garden. Well, it got to be 11pm, and just had gotten dark. So, we set off for home, me in front, since Hans' light didn't work at ALL...

Long story short, my balance was a bit off, and I fell over into the bushes, in the dark, by a field with cows...I'll leave the rest to your imagination, but, let it be said that when I did arrive home, I needed a shower!!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!

Disney called this morning, and are interested in erecting a theme/memorial park at the site in honor of my bike 'accident'....we are in negotiation...

Hugs to all!!!!


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    Bikes and alcohol...Mucho no bueno!
    Hi Kathi! It sounds like you're having fun wherever you are. Are you in Alsaka, or something? I'm just kidding about the booze...i'm sure you were as sober as a fox! lol!

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    Glad you're having such a "fun time!"

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    They say laughter is medicine for the SOUL and you have a soul :)
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    Funny Story
    Hi, Kathi

    You made me laugh this morning! Good one! Ah, the Vino...

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    That was funny.:)Good luck
    That was funny.:)Good luck with your negotiation.