HATE Insurance Companies

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Mom's insurance company refused to pay for an even halfway decent rehabilitation facility, so we decided to just go home. She came home Friday, and so far is doing great. Home health comes out to do the wound vac changes. She has 2 drains left, but neither seem to really be draining, so we're hoping she's finally healing!

She is in great spirits and moving around pretty well. We've also been in touch with her PCP, who is pulling strings with local surgeons and getting her case moved down here so we don't have to go back to the other doctor.

So, all in all, she's doing pretty good, yey!


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    Good News
    I am glad she is doing better. Let her know that your semi-colon family is wishing her well and sending prayers and vibes her way :)
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    Very good news
    keep up your spirits its sounds like you are healing now, that is very ggod news home is always better.Darn insurance companys it all about money to them, I am praying all go well from here.

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    You would think that
    You would think that insurance companies would have some type of sympathy for people already facing devasting circumstances, but they don't! It's like they make a difficult situation seem almost impossible sometimes. Well, I'm glad your mom is seeming to do well...at least her spirits are up. Hang in there!