Kinda nervous/scared

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Breast Cancer survivor seven years. Just noticed a lump on my neck by my collarbone. No other symptoms at all (not even the weight loss one darn it) Went to the doctor, he is sending me for a PET scan. Saw my oncologist in February and he did the normal check of my neck and the bloodwork, all was fine. First PET scan I have had. My initial breast cancer was less than 1/2 centimeter, no lymph node involvement. HER2 negative. Caused from taking prem pro for about 7 years. No radiation or chemo. Full mastectomy. Took tomoxifin for 5 years. My sister had non hodgkins lymph, dianosed three years ago and is doing well. Just looking for good news from other people. No bad news please, I need to keep my faith and my hope up. Haven't been diagnosed with Lymphoma yet, may not be, has anyone had lumps that were not lymphoma but they thought they were. Just wondering. Thanks.


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    lump by collarbone
    Hi twinsgahmah,

    I first want to say congratulations on your seven years of survivorship. Wishing you many, many more to come.

    I am not going to comment on the lump because I don't have enough information and as you know, lumps many times can be caused by harmless conditions and at other times by not so harmless conditions. So it is a good first step that you are having a PET scan. I will keep my fingers crossed that you get good results. Please keep us informed as to how you are doing.
    Mary Ann
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    non hodgkins lyphoma
    Patrick in Austin,
    I, too, have been diagnosed with non-hodgkins. I have been told that we want it to be aggressive. ( statisically better chance for a complete cure). I had my second chemo treatment. I seem to be handling that well. I actually don't feel that bad, physically. No one in my immediate or extended family has ever had cancer of any kind. All four of my grandparents come form Naples, Italy. I do not know if the ancestry has anything to do with it or not. i have to two very cool kids who have really rose to the occasion. i raised them on my own.

    My daughter is getting married on the 14th of August 09. I get to walk her down the aisle.
    For me, dealing with cancer is existential, if you know what I mean. i really enjoy talking with people who have "serious" illnesses like us. They understand it all, to a certain degree.

    If you send me you name I will put you (and your doctors)in my prayers.

    Hang in there...The best is yet to come.