long term effets?

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my name is jean and my husband had tonsil cancer in 2003 had radiation 35x cancer free cancer came back in 2005 he could not have any more radiation ended up having a radical neck dissection 13 hour operation and 13 says in the hosptal.Just hit 3 years, still cancer free he is on nutritional drinks and coffee but is getting frustrated with the tightness he is experiencing, loss of range of motion in the neck, gets tired easily he is on nuerontin and morphine 9 perscriptions a day cant swallow any food or juice,citric acid burns,carbonated drinks burn.Mucus is a problem also does it get any better?any ideas how tight the neck will get?any help would be appreciated!take care all and thanks!


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    Everyone is very different.
    Sounds like your husband is one tough guy and also that he is very lucky to have your support. Everyone treats differently, heals differently, etc. I can only tell you what seemed to help me with regard to neck stiffness and mucous.

    For mucous, I took Mucinex (the extra strength version). I also rinsed/gargled frequently with very warm tapwater with 1/2 tsp. baking soda and 1/4 tsp. of salt. My Dentist recommended it to regulate the PH in my mouth/throat. The combination of these two seemed to help tremendously over time with my mucous. I still have some and may always have but it is something I can live with. I'm sure you know this but the mucous is the body's way of protecting tissue that has been assalted and that is what is going on. Post treatments your husband's healthy tissues are begging for the protective mucous even though they are no longer under attack.

    About neck stiffness, has he been to a Physical Therapist? I am lucky to be married to one and she has had me do a lot of range-of-motion exercises that seem to help. I also take Ibuprofen periodically. I also use a spray on the back of my neck called Biofreeze. It really helps but is a temporary analgesic. No limit to frequency of use though.

    I hope and pray you find even better answers and that your husband improves.

    God Bless.............and keep us posted. JK