1 year or less without Cancer

Vickie O
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It`s been 7 mths since my last chimo treatment. So far so good,My 3 mth, 6 mth,all good ! I`m scared everyday it will come back.I wonder what the normal reacurance rate is ? My Doc says I have 70-80 percent chance to live 5 years.


  • BonnieR
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    Hi Vickie, that is great news and I think you have more chance than 70-80 with those great results. Hugs ♥ Prayers Bonnie
  • mopar
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    Congratulations, Vicki! This is something to celebrate! As for the statistics, everyone is different so don't dwell on that too much. I remember in 2000 being diagnosed with Stage 1C and my doctor gave me the same odds. Well, it's now 2009! Much has to do with how proactive you are in your health. Either way, it's wonderful news. Enjoy life, enjoy each moment. Remember, 'life's a gift, that why we call it the present!'