Burning Pain

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I don't post alot here, but certainly read all the posts by everyone. It's so consoling.

I'm 2 weeks post-op and have had a burning under my arms that is so bad. I almost can't even let any clothing touch the area. Has any one else ever experienced anything like this?

I may be calling my surgeon tomorrow to see if this is normal.

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    Sorry for your discomfort, Maryann. I didn't have that experience... Probably good to check with your surgeon, even if only for peace of mind.

    Kind regards, Susan
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    Feel for you MaryAnn
    you have enough to deal with, you certainly don't need that. Call the doc, they may be able to help.

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    Maryann-yes check with your dr
    I, too, had extreme pain after surgery. I didn't described it as "burning" at the time, but that seems like an apt description. When I was going through recovery after surgery, I described it as what a sharp knife might like being stabbed into me. Even after 3.5 years, from time to time, I get this surge of pain. It's quick, unexpected, and fleeting, but it stops me in my tracks.

    I think it is nerve damage. If this is the case, it will subside in time. In the meantime, call your dr and ask for more, or stronger, pain meds. They sent me home with Motrin and some other pain killer (I can't remember the name), and I upped the ante to a much stronger one. I ask, even now, for refills on this script and they refill it with no questions asked.

    Wish you well. Try to be patient with the healing process, it will take time. You've had surgery in a very sensitive area of your body. Let others do for you and enjoy the pampering. I didn't return to work for 4+ weeks after surgery and I am glad I took that time.
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    Maryann, you best call your
    Maryann, you best call your doctor. It could be an infection. Let us know what you find out.
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    Hi Maryann,Did you call the
    Hi Maryann,
    Did you call the doctor today? I hope you were able to get relief.
    I feel really sore in the incision area where the lymph nodes were removed and I was told it can take a year for it to stop hurting. Mine is also still bruised.
    Good Luck to you, I hope you are feeling better!
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    Yes, am going in this
    Yes, am going in this morning to get it checked. Probably no more than healing and the circus that goes along with it, but want to make sure. Will let you know.

    Elm3544, how are you doing? Keep me posted.