followup colonoscopy after surgery and chemo

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Hi all,
I just typed a long post and it wouldn't post after preview! so frustrating!
so I'll try again, basically my husband had a one year followup colonoscopy last August after CRC in 2007 and subsequent chemo. He had 2 polyps (non cancer) removed at his one year followup. The Oncologist said he isn't due for another one until 2 years (even 3 years) even though he had the polyps. I think that is a bit lackadaisical and am wondering if I'm being hypervigilent or if this is common time frame?
Any input or experience anyone can supply would be much appreciated, thanks and best to all!


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    too long
    Just in my opinion I think 2 years is too long, I had one done every year after my surgery and chemo, and now after 5 years am just now going to every other year. I know some who are developing polyps even have 2 a year done. Especially since he is still developing polyps. Sometimes you have to be very proactive and firm about what you want with your doctors, and if they won't listen, there is always the option to get one who will.
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    my two bits
    I think your docs are probably correct "by the books". However, some of us (like me!) lean towards the paranoid/vigilant.

    When my sister went in for colonoscopy following my diagnosis she was given the all clear and officially due for repeat in 5 years. But when she voiced some concern her doc gently suggested that if she were to give some "buzz words", like "I think I saw some blood in my stool but I'm not sure", that she would be approved for another colonoscopy in say 2-3 years.

    I'm just saying.

    Meanwhile, great news on your hubby being cancer-free -- yea

    Best wishes,
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