2nd Opinion Finally Arrived - The Verdict Is In - VATS



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    Sundanceh said:

    Hi, Wenchie
    Hi there

    The spots are relatively small right now but growing and the consensus is that a needle biopsy is a "hit or miss" proposition and may not tell us what we need to know. So, the recommendation from the 2nd opinion I just got was to consult with a thorasic surgeon to discuss my case and they recommended VATS as the surgical option to better get down to the pleura for a sample and whatever else they are going to do. That's a tough spot.

    I'll have more details after I find out more, but right now, that's the reason.

    It's a tough call to make and I'm trying to be patient until we can gather more data. The scans were not available for my consult so that was disappointing, I'll have to wait a little bit further and let you know what I found out.

    Glad yours worked though. Thanks for writing.


    Dear Craig,please let us
    Dear Craig,please let us know when you have more information.I am sorry to hear that your wife has to do a surgery too.I hope you have family and friends who are living closed by and I hope they can help you out a little bit.I truly understand how hard it is for cancer treatment,just like my hubby and I, almost all of our family live overseas,and we don't know anybody closed by,so I really feel very helpless from time to time.When my hubby was diagnosed,my whole world became upside down,but I am doing my best to make do.Again,I send my best wishes to you and your wife and I wish you and your wife the best luck,I am looking forward to hearing that both yours and your wife's suggery will be succefull and both of you will recover soon.