Drains - Out Soon

maryannrogers Member Posts: 115
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I will be so happy when this rotton, miserable, louzy drain comes out Monday. I can't wait!!!


  • CR1954
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    Haha Maryann!
    That's exactly how I felt about those drains!!


  • Akiss4me
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    Wish it were Monday already for you! Hang in there. :) Pammy
  • Butterfly12
    Butterfly12 Member Posts: 56
    Amen to that.
    I have to agree with that. I got my last one out (of 4) last Wens, and God what a great feeling. I suggest taking a pain pill if you have one. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable to get out. Good luck.

  • cats_toy
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    Monday is around the corner
    whoo hoo! Glad for you. I only had drains in for one nite, but wouldn't want them any longer!

  • dmc_emmy
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    The RML drains...
    Yes, Maryann, I remember them all too well. There are some things you just never forget: the joy on the day a new pet joins your family, the witnessing of a miracle on the day of a child's birth, the fear and anger the day of your dx, and the feeling of freedom on the day your drains come out.

    Congrats to you Maryann on another milestone.
  • Kylez
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    I will be happy for you too Maryann! And, Monday is almost here! Yea!!!!!
  • Noel
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    Drain out!
    I hope that by now, Maryann, that the horrible drain is out! They are awful! I am doing the

    happy dance for you if it is gone!