This will make Tasha smile!

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Just had to tell everyone....Because of Tasha's newest picture (the tree dance) I kept starring at it thinking there was just something about that pitcure I couln't put my finger on. Then it hit me! I had decided how much I really liked the color Turqoise, because of her top she is wearing in that picture. Since I basically have a nuetral wardrobe, I decided today that I would go buy myself something (to be kind to myself!) but that it had to be Turqoise just to make it fun.

Well, I am happy to say that I found the PERFECT little summer top (it even came with a cute necklace) and it is the prettiest shade of Turqoise I have ever seen!! My dear Hubby was patient enough to wait two hours for me to pick it out!! And the best part is I found a pair of Chocolate pants to go with it.

Now, here is the finale.....I had a $10.00 gift card that came in the mail and shopped on the 90% off rack at Kohl's, so my total cost for my new $50.00 outfit was (drum roll please!!!).....$1.06 can you believe it?!! My husband actually thought it was $106.00, so I had to ask the clerk twice if she actually said $1.06 (I love looking at the receipt where it says "you saved $49.00 today"!!

So now I came home not only feeling good about the bargain but I was able to forget about the Cancer for 2 whole hours!! However I did discover that even though I only gained 8 pounds, I no longer fit into my usual size!! Time to consider a diet. Anyone care to join me? We can weigh in once a week!! Hope everyone has a happy 4th!!! :) Pammy

PS) Thanks Tasha for the picture or I would never had broaden my horizons!!


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    Weigh in--ummm...
    I would consider this AFTER I lost some pounds! I have gained, 20 since chemo finished.

    Tasha, though you are an inspiration, I am sorry to say that I would never be moved to the point of wearing turquoise such as Pammy has recently done. I would look like an off-color traffic light with my reddish tone in my skin, an almost green (turquoise) shirt, and reddish brown hair. All I would need would be something amber to finish off my outfit.

    But, good for you Pammy--a $1.06, you can't beat that price!

    As for widening my horizons, the most I have done in that respect is buy some black and white checked tennies and wore them with my black suits at work when my neuropathy was so bad I could barely walk. I bet I was a sight for sore eyes (or maybe I was the one that caused the sore eyes-dunno).
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    Yes.. I questioned that
    Yes.. I questioned that picture of Tasha in the turquois shirt... her actions with that tree... I warned her that there were probably laws against that sort of thing...

    But you know Tasha she only got excited about the policemen coming and making her assume the position....

    I did tell her with her luck they would only throw money at

    Good for you "retail therapy"... that sounds like a treat... and with "savings" to boot... you my friend are one lucky girl... you must put it on and take a picture... then post... need to "see" it...

    Love & Hugs

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    Pammy I think I am the only
    Pammy I think I am the only human being who is gaining weight on chemo. Every time I go in to the doctors office I've gained another 2 lbs. So yeah, I'm game for the BC DIET.
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    dyaneb123 said:

    Pammy I think I am the only
    Pammy I think I am the only human being who is gaining weight on chemo. Every time I go in to the doctors office I've gained another 2 lbs. So yeah, I'm game for the BC DIET.

    I bet you look just Gorgeous in turquoise! Thanks for this thread and fancy spending all that cash on just one outfit!
    Pics needed.........

    PS. Just WHEN are these Policeman supposed to arrive? I have been slinking round the trees, scantily clad and wearing mainly Amarige Perfume for the last 20 hours! My bloody feet are killing me!

    Oh well, back to the tree and hoping.....

    Hugs Jxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    For Retail Therapy...
    You get an A+ for excellent work, Pammy!

    Kind regards, Susan

    P.S.: I think it was before you joined the site... I published several Tutorials for Retail Therapy (much to the chagrin of Joe/Aortus).