Does anyone know was a BONEARY is?

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Jake and I were driving along and we past something and he asked me "Is that a boneary?" I told me, "No it is a cemetery." He said, "Well they call it a cemetery or a bone yard so I just took part of each word I guess" I had to giggle. I have no idea where he learns somethings.



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    Jake's "boneary" reminds me of something my sister said when she was his age. She pronounced our dog's bone to be "genuine." Dad asked her what a "genuine bone" meant, and she answered "You know... kind of grand around town." I have had the pleasure of teaching her two kids the "true" meaning of the word "genuine."
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    He has a point!
    Can't really argue with Jake because he has a difinite point there!! I think a "bonery" would be considered a place where there is lots of bones!! Kids....gotta love them!!! :) Pammy
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    The kid is...
    ... a creative wordsmith in the making. :-)

    Maybe he'll be a writer: journalist, fiction, poetry, screenplays, etc. ...

    Kind regards, Susan

    P.S.: I actually "googled" BONEARY... Go ahead, try it. You'll be amazed!