Talked to my doctor

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Just realized I never posted the rest of the story. I saw my doctor on Wednesday, and he surprised me with one piece of news. Apparently the ER doc misspoke. When he came in and asked me if I'd ever had a lung nodule, he must have been thinking ahead and wondering about that. Because what the CT scan showed was a possible liver involvement! Anyway, the MRI didn't show anything, so my doctor says that trumps the CT scan results. Since I've checked out fine to this point, I'm going to accept that good news and keep rollling.

Also, I'm leaving tomorrow for a week's vacation, so everybody try to behave yourselves and don't do anything too exciting until I get back.



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    Let The Good Times Roll
    Have a safe and enjoyable trip, Gail

    Enjoy the holiday and all that it entails.

    I'll "leave the light on for you."

  • KathiM
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    GREAT news, Gail!!!!
    And enjoy your vacation!!!

    You are such an upbeat person, I can't imagine ANY news keeping you down for long...but GOOD news is always BETTER!!!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Have a great vacation!

    Have a great vacation!
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    Have a great vacation!

    Have a great vacation!

    Have a great trip and good for you on your news..Thats always a smile maker when ya most need it...Have a great weekend and many many more......... :)
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    Yay, Gail!
    That is wonderful news. I love that the MRI trumps the CT scan--like Whist! Enjoy your vacation and keep the faith.

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    Yea Gail!!
    Enjoy your holiday! Good news is always welcome.

    Many hugs, Vicki
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    Great News!
    Have a wonderful well deserved vacation!! :-)