They posted my letter

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Just and FYI. The local paper did post my letter about the lack of coverage Farrah got and the over saturation that MJ is getting. And is still getting...
I will let you know if I get any feedback on it.


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    Good for you!
    Awesome! I am getting so sick of seeing "the latest" on the Michael Jackson story every daggone time I turn on the tv. In the meantime, I have still to see or hear one word about Farrah's funeral!

    I'll be interested to hear about what kind of comments come back from your letter.

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    Good Deal
    You're the Man! I'm sure they will be some "feedback" alright...looking forward to hearing about that.

    Have a great w/end!

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    Great Job Phil! I'm sure others will see it the same as you and a lot of us do. I'm glad that you brought that to the forefront and let the media know.

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    You are such a thoughtful guy!!!!!
    Yes, please keep us posted...I, too, think it's too bad the Farrah didn't get much press...

    HUgs, Kathi
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    Congrats and good for you taking the time to write!
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    Good Deal
    I am an MJ fan from childhood, of course as his behavior/appearance/"lifestyle" became weider I distance myself from the "artist" and keep the fond memories of the music. So much has been going on with my family, DRs. appt. etc. I had not really seen the media blitz until a day or so ago. Yes, it is relentless.

    I am compasssionate for his families terrible loss and the pain of the minor children, however it is more importantfor the media to raise awareness, etc. about this illness, than to tour the "NeverLand Ranch" in a ridiculous post-mortem Dateline session.

    A rare opportunity was missed here. Following Ms. Fawcett's passing there shoulda/coulda/woulda been a month or so of visual/print media on and about colorectal cancer. This is what we saw occur after Katie Couric's spouse sadly passed away and when Sharon Osborne was diagnosed.
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    I am MJ overloaded. Paula G.
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    Glad to hear it!

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    lisa42 said:

    Glad to hear it!


    for you have always been da man,go out there and spread the word thats great......Godbless.....johnnybegood
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    Thank you everyone
    Thanks all for your positive feedback. While I could have probably left a few of my smart alec comments out, I wanted the main message about cancer to be the focus and I think I did accomplish that.

    The more I hear about MJ, while I am tired of it, I feel badly for him and how he was raised by his "so called father". I think I posted this in another thread on here but when I read this from that piece of scum father it made me understand the boy/man a little bit better.

    'I want to make this statement. This is a real good statement here: Marshall and I--we own a record company.'
    JOE JACKSON, plugging his new business venture during an interview about the death of his son, pop icon Michael Jackson.

    How sickening is THAT comment.