The ongoing travel!

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I just posted more of my Holland pics...

We have visitors...3 cows are now in the back of our tennant farmers brought them over...WOW! and are they BIG!!!

We traveled to Emmen, and walked thru a beautiful green forest. We then sat on the terrace and had ice was a beautiful day.

We eat fish ALOT! Raw (herring), baked, fried, smoked...mmmmm, it's all so good!

We are planning a train ride to Amsterdam. We go every time we are in Holland, at least once. This time we are timing it to go on a 'back stage' tour of a well known theater. And then shopping...hummmm, it's got one of the largest DIAMOND markets in the world!!! (Hint, Hans, Hint!).

My new pic is sunset on the river that runs starts as the Rhine in Germany...all sorts of boats are on it.

Hugs, Kathi


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    Thanks Kathi!
    I just viewed your pics and took a wonderful tour of Holland. Those cows are BIG!!! Maybe you'll get to do more than just window shop in the diamond market (start batting your eyes now!). :) Pammy
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    What a wonderful time you
    What a wonderful time you must be having there. I envy you. Just the relaxing is good but to be having such a remarkable time.
    When my daughter was going to school in Arcata, she and her roommates had a house that backed a field full of cows. There was a gate into the field in their backyard (don't ask me why. One day, after they had a group of people over for a party, someone left the gate open and cows (as in 20 or more) starting coming into their yard. There was no gate to the front of the house so the cows just went on through to the street. The man that owned the cows just came around and herded them back to the field. He said that it wasn't the first time that happened. Denise and her friends put a lock on the gate after that. She had pictures of this yard packed with cows. It was too funny. She said she was glad that they didn't have the back door open. Cows in the house would have been so over the top.
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    I LOVE looking at your pictures. I always check the Expressions page for more! It just looks soooo beautiful there, and I also love the cow picture! Reminds me of my home town. Cows and orchards.

    Keep 'em coming!!