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I had my 3 month BC check up last week and everything was fine. She did a breast exam, we went over how I was doing on the Armidex (no side effects so far) and just how I am feeling in general. And we did some blood tests that came back fine. She wants me to do my mammograms in September. I also just did my yearly cystoscopy and everything there was fine. The urologist wants me to have x rays of my kidneys bacause we haven't done those in awhile. He did more blood tests and urine tests and there are some minor things he wants to keep a eye on due to my diabetes not the cancer. But he wants to do the cystocopies every six months instead of yearly now. Just as a precaution. I have had blood in my urine and continual bladder infections and some of my blood tests are out of the normal ranges so he wants to check my bladder more often. So September will be busy for me because that is when I do my yearly check up with the gyn. ocologist and my check up for diabetes. Too bad they are not all at the same medical center so I could just go from one to the other. But they are in 4 different cities. But as long as the end result is a clean bill of health it's okay.


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    I'm so happy for your good checkups! Way to go, girl!

    It sounds like all of your docs are keeping a careful watch over you, and that is a good thing! You have a good team.


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    On a good BC checkup. What is a Cystocopie? I wish you best of luck also on all your upcoming apts.
    hugs, jackie
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    rjjj said:

    On a good BC checkup. What is a Cystocopie? I wish you best of luck also on all your upcoming apts.
    hugs, jackie

    It's when they use a narrow
    It's when they use a narrow instrument with a light and camera and go into the bladder and take a look around. Like a colonoscopy but in the bladder. They can do it in the urologist office with topical numbing but I have it done under a light sedation as a outpatient. Not a fan of stuff being stuck inside me. They can use instruments to take samples and remove tumors the same way they do for a colonoscopy. 7 years ago I had bladder cancer so this is my recheck. I should go yearly but it was over 2 years since my last one. I had some bleeding so I knew I needed to have it looked into so to speak. Not sure why the urologist wants to go back to every 6 months, possibly because of the continual bladder infections or maybe he figures then I will go every year but I am fine with that. Because you can't see the kidneys during this test, he wants x rays. The bleeding is most likely from the bladder infections but he wants to make sure they are okay. The bladder cancer was found when the nurse practitioner I see for uterine cancer follow ups suggested an IVP for urinary bleeding. They saw a mass and did the cystocopy the following week. It was a small cancer and was burned or cut out (not sure which). They wanted to do some kind of treatment that is introduced straight into the bladder but I talked with the urologist and we decided that we could just do the repeat cystocopies and if the cancer returned then use the bladder treatment. So far no return and the further you go without recurrence the better. I feel very fortunate that all these cancers have been caught early and are very treatable.
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    I agree, it sounds as if you have a wonderful, caring group taking care of you~ and WHOOO-DE-HOOOO on your great check-up! We rejoice at all of your good news!

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    happy for you Stef
    Always good to hear someone is getting good news. Keep it up!
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    Clean Bill of Health
    Stef, your clean mammo and blood tests are wonderful news! And how reassuring that you have such a proactive medical team. It is good to know you are being monitored so well. Sorry you'll be doing a quad cities trip this fall; like you said, your reward will have to be a full slate of clean results!

    Thanks also for updating me on Jazz and Jo (just love those names). With Jo up and running, I bet those two cuties will keep Nana in shape:-)
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    Stef.. wonderful news... I
    Stef.. wonderful news... I am very glad to hear that everything is checking out with great results... here's to future continued great news...

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    Great news stef...
    Glad to hear so far so good!! Seems like you do have a lot to go through! Look forward to hearing more good news in the fall!! :) Pammy
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    Congratulations!! Sounds
    Congratulations!! Sounds like things are on the upswing for you. I'm very happy for your good news.

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    I am so very happy for you, nothing makes ones day like a good check up with the onco. Congratulations!!!!

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    rjjj said:

    On a good BC checkup. What is a Cystocopie? I wish you best of luck also on all your upcoming apts.
    hugs, jackie

    Congratulations on your good
    Congratulations on your good checkup!