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My question is has any one ever tried the Bio Clinic in Mexico. They have some Hoxey stuff there. I went there before I even went to any doctor here as far as the chemo stuff. I had the surgery to have the mass cut out here but then went to straight to mexico. I have alot of people in my home town that has went and they have been in remmision for up to 20 yrs. From bone cancer, to ovaries, to brain cancer. Well when I first went there my blood markers were up to 53 and I started the hoxy stuff and the diet in April, 2008 By the end of July they were down to 2.5 right where they were suppose to. Since mine was stage 4 I had to do the chemo also here in he states. Most people that go there don't even have to do chemo. I am sure it depend's what stage u are in. At the end of July I had an inncedent happen that gave me a form of metagitist.(sp) And the doctor's thought it was caused by the Hoxey stuff and one of my chemo trial drug's. Ever since I haven't been doing either of them. The form of metagitist I had messed with your motor skills. Now my blood markers are back to 39. I really don't think it was the hoxey stuff from mexico. But I am to scared to try it again because if that would happen to me again I don't think I would handle it the second time It happen's. I was in the hospital for 1 1/2 months. weeks recovering from it. And the 2 wks. in rehab to get my walking and reading and walking back. I still don't write very well or I still scuff my feet when I walk and sometimes even fall. I guess my question is would anyone else take a chance on the hoxey stuff from Mexico stuff again. My doctor say's I should't but no doctor in the states believe in diet or that stuff. Just want some opinions. Thanks and HUG'S to u all Take Care Colleen


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    After reading your post, I was curious and googled Hoxey and found numerous web information sites stating that this really should be referred to as a "Hoax". The very organization that hosts this forum, American Cancer Society, has information for you at:

    In my humble opinion, we shouldn't waste our precious time and money on treatment that isn't supported by sound scientific study. I wish you all the luck in the world.
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    Hi, Colleen
    I think you've

    Hi, Colleen

    I think you've just answered your question - right or wrong that sounds tricky to me and nobody wants anything that debilitates them to turn permanent.

    And you're right most doctors do not speak to you about diet or supplements or anything.

    I have heard that the Cancer Treatment Centers of America offer the entire package: Chemo, Radiation, Nutrition, Spiritually, Acupuncture and all of that. This certainly would make them unique from that standpoint.