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Good morning, Everyone

I had written this to Eric on a thread he had started, but wanted to share it with the group as well. Enjoy Life is the bottom line to all 3.

Here are my 3 "TRUISMS" that I try and live my life by:

1. "The Meter Is Running" - like sand through the hourglass so go the days of our lives.
One way or the other time runs out for all of us whether we're sick or healthy, so Enjoy.

2. "There Is No Luggage Rack on the Hearse" - you can't take it with you so enjoy life when
you can and don't get caught up in too many material things.

3. "Have IT Spent Before You Get The Bill" - this one says it all, no explanation needed here.

Just thought you would like these...



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    Love them - I posted a reply for you on my thread.

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    so true!
    These are so true! Of course, there's more to life than just enjoying it for ourselves, but I definitely hear ya! Especially when we've been given the diagnosis we here have all received, we realize that we need to enjoy the here and now. The people around us are sooo important! How we act to others now is sooo important! How do we all want to be remembered? As a grouchy crab who complained about every ache and pain and inconvenience we've suffered through, or as someone who was brave, showed compassion, had passion, loved to laugh and make other people laugh too, and who shared our wisdom, thoughts, and beliefs with others?

    Not that I'm expecting to kick off anytime soon, but we just never know... I find myself pondering almost daily "If I were to die tomorrow, how would my kids, family, and friends remember me?" Also about, "What would I like to still experience in life?" Although I don't live in a messy house (except some days!), if it comes down to sitting down and enjoying my husband, kids, or friends vs. cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, guess what one I choose??
    It used to always be "cleaning the messy kitchen" for me- I was far too anal about things like that. I just don't care as much anymore- I want to ENJOY life and those around me!
    (Bring on more jokes, Beth- or anyone, I love reading them!)