chemo post surgery

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Has anyone had chemo after going thru the chemo/radiation/surgery protocol? Wondering if the 2nd go round of chemo is similar to the 1st? I don't think alot of studies have been done on this....


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    post surgery chemo

    My husband is about to go for his first CAT scan following surgery on May 4th. I know the oncologist pretty much routinely wants his patients to go through 4 months of chemo just as a precaution...The degree depends, I guess, on what the CAT scan might show. I too am leery of putting him through more trauma, but I'm told that it could just be least hopefully, and we haven't discussed possible side effects. We Duke next week. I believe you mentioned that your dad was also going soon. How did he make out?
    Also, I think you mentioned your Mom trying to "fatten him up" Has she had any success? My husband has lost about 20 pounds and I'm so hoping he'll level off and start putting a few back on. I try hard, but he can only eat so much and then feels bloated. Yesterday he had a good day and ate clos to 1600 calories. If your mom has discovered any magic bullet for weight gain, please pass it on. Pat