Feeling ****...is it the aftermath of chemo., radiation or taking tamoxifen?

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Help! Anyone who has been through breast cancer, chemo and radiation and taking tamoxifen...when am I going to start feeling better? My chest feels tight and my throat like I need to clear it all the time. I am wondering if this is from radiation? Maybe taking the tamoxifen or maybe just my anxiety and fears? Anyone out there who has any insight into this, I would love to hear from you!


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    I was diagnosed with early stage 1 breast cancer last July 2008. I was fortunate in that it was caught early, I had the Oncotype DX test done which indicated that I had a low recurrence score and I only needed a lumpectomy and six weeks radiation which ended in October 2008.

    I started taking Tamoxifen November 2008 and so far so good. I'm too young for menopause and was worried about the menopause like side effects such as hot flashes. I do, however, sometimes get very moody. Sometimes I get very weepy and sad, not too often though. I find that whenever I have to go for a follow-up, I tend to be more emotional.

    For the most part, the tamoxifen has not been a problem for me. I hope all goes well for you as well.
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    Kristenann.. I am so sorry
    Kristenann.. I am so sorry that you are going through all of this.. but I am so glad that you found this place. The support really is amazing... the people here are amazing... I personally am just beginning my journey, and haven't gotten all the test results in for my treatment plan.. but I wanted you to know that I am here.. just as many others.. who will help prop you up and support you through this.. Others with similar experiences will be here soon.. hold on.. deep breath in ... please post often and let us know how you are.. welcome my friend.

    Gentle hugs to you

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    It could be anything or
    It could be anything or everything :) I had a tight chest on Tamoxifen and I've heard others complain about a sore throat. Should let your doc know about the tightness for sure even if it is caused by anxiety. Let us know what they say and good luck to you.

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    You should talk to your
    You should talk to your doctor Kristenann. My chest is a lil tight yet, but, it is from the rads. It should be better with time. I haven't been done that long. I wish you good luck!
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    I forgot about the sore throat
    I've had a bilateral mastectomy, chemo, rads and am on arimidex. I forgot that for a long time after I began the Arimidex I had a sore throat. It's gone away. The folks on this site can attest to the fact that I am an emotional washrag; I need wringing out about once or twice a week. Sometimes I can tell that my husband would like to wring my neck!

    Everyone here is different and yet we are all the same. I still have scar tissue causing chest tightness, but it is different than the anxiety, panicky tightness that is deeper inside. For that I meditate, take meds and see a therapist. For the scar tissue, I stretch, but not regularly enough.

    Cancer is a very rocky road, always under construction. Thank goodness others on this site have traveled this road before us and are willing to help show us the way. Keep coming here. Lynn
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    I didn't have chemo, nor, have I started tamox yet, so, I don't know about any side effects from those. But, you probably should call your doctor and let him know about your throat and your tightness in your chest. Good luck!