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Heck my blood tests are so out of whack since I have started my first chemo round (Xeolda pills) back in January. My R/W counts were down then, liver enzymes below normal, Blood sugar at 69 (yikes). Last test showed some things going up in stuff and down in others. I just know my platelet count is like 129. Oncologist said yesterday that if I didn't bounce back I would have to have a shot and maybe skip a treatment. I've only had 3 treatments. She still said that all counts were nothing to worry about except the platelet so I will see. I go in tomorrow for another blood test and have chemo on Monday. I just don't want to have to skip a treatment. I just want to get it over with.

Does everyone get a blood test every week? I have 3 weeks of just R/W counts and then the 4th week a complete blood test. Seems like I can't go anywhere during treatments because I'm always getting a blood test. Oh well, better safe to make sure R/W counts are good.



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    Yes John (JR) had to have blood work done evey week for the first four treatments then they said he could just get it done when he comes in for Chemo because everything looked good. They said to watch the NEU# if it drops to 1.5 he will need a shot. I don't have the name of the shot handy but I no it cost a bundle because they got it approved even if he doesn't need it. Paula G.
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    Blood Tests
    When I got the infection I had blood tests every day. After that I had them once a week for a 3 weeks, until my next round of Chemo, then another blood test the week after that round, then went 3 weeks before my next blood test.

    When things don't look right they want to keep a close eye on it.

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    Hi, Kim

    A couple of thoughts - you are on the Oxy as I recall right? If so, that stuff beats your platelets down in a big way. The normal person's range is between 150,000-450,000. They would give me the Oxy and Avastin if my platelet counts was at least 100,000...when it dropped below that I had to miss an Infusion. And unfortunately, the more that I did, the more time increased between the times I could get the Oxy. Like everybody, I started out of the gate at every 2 weeks...as the treatments increased it became every 3-4 weeks and at the end, I was getting them over 6+ weeks or so and at #8, we stopped it altogether, because the Oxy had destroyed my immune system and my platelets were so low, it was scary, like down in the high 40's or so. And 40 or below is very dangerous for internal bleeding and this is something that the doctors cannot stop, because you can't clot, because you don't have enough platelets. I had read that if they are in their 20's you can just literally bleed to death doing nothing.

    All of this concerned me, because what if I was in a car wreck - the answer, not very good, as I would more than likely bleed to death, because platelet level too low.

    I know you want to finish, but the Oxy I think can damage as least as much as it helps. It's definitely a risk - just go do the treatments when they say your platelets are good enough. If they start to drop and not recover as quickly, remember this conversation. I have been to the front line and can speak from direct experience - and my body just could not deal with it too well after 6 treatments although we ended up doing 8.

    I'd infuse on a Friday and get bloodwork on a Wed, course that's just my place, I've read different things about everyone else. And for awhile, I was getting tested every week especially if we could not get the chemo in, because they were checking my platelet count to see if they came up.

    There is a newly approved drug NPLATE, that the FDA just approved that will help boost platelet levels so this might be an option. I signed up for it but my chemo ended before I could use it - the side effects concerned me - it's possible I may have to take this drug myself if chemo becomes a part of my life again. My platelets are forever damaged by the Oxy and I would need the Nplate booster to get them up, so the Oxy could knock them back down.

    Hope this sheds some insight.