Hope Everyone is Doing Well!!

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Hi everyone!

Just thought I'd post a note...hope everyone is doing well!! I know Don has posted how he is doing after surgery and am glad he is recovering well, and Moe's husband is due to have surgery in a couple weeks...my prayers will be with them during that time! Has anyone heard how Fernando is doing? and...William...you amaze me...you are doing awesome!! I can only hope to be doing as well as you 6 years out...my fingers and toes are crossed! I just got my appointment schedule from Mayo and I go for my next follow-up on August 26th, so we'll see how everything's looking then!

Again, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying summer!!! Any big plans for the 4th?? My husband's parents have a trailer on the river about 45 minutes from us so we will take the pups there to swim and do some kayaking...should be fun!! I am also getting another tattoo on the 2nd...a sea turtle (symbolizing long life in Japan)-and I'm obsessed with them- carrying the esophageal cancer ribbon, which is perriwinkle blue and also looks like water...should be interesting, I'll post a pic when it's done.

Take Care!!!