Supplemental Infusions for Relapsed ALL patient

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I am a relapsed leukemia patient (ALL) undergoing treatment after a 12 year remission. I am in my late 50s. My doctor felt that I had a good shot at a second remission due to the length of the first and immediately began a regimen of chemotherapy. After a second biopsy, it was discovered that 99% of the disease had been destroyed. I need a 100% kill, however. There are two options before me: 1) supplemental infusions to get at that remaining 1% or 2) a bone marrow transplant. Of course, I would prefer that option 1 be successful. Having gone through this process before, the rest of the chemo protocol, while lengthy (2 years) is mild relative to the first chemo regimen. I would appreciate comments from those who may have been in a similar situation. I am concerned that the remaining 1% may have evolved past the ability of chemo to get at it.