Bowl Obstruction and Ostomy Bag for Mom

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My Mom got Ovarian Cancer diag in Feb 08 Stage 3C. Stopped Chemo Sept 08.
Got Rhumatoid Arthritis from Chemo in Sept 08 very bad. Feb got Pnumonia from it.
From March 09 to June 09 we were in out and of hopsital 4 times just saying that her pain, vomitting and abdominal swelling was from slow bowels due to low dose pain patch for her back and RA. Then we were referred to another GI doc who said that it he felt cancer was back and to call her Oncologist...BUT her oncologist did a PEET SCan April 1 09 which was negative!! Well June 3 09 she had major surgery ...complete stricture in large instestine and had to place Ostomy Bag..still no Bowl sigs..Now saying both intestines are matted down and the cancer cells are EVERYWHERE....liver, pancrease, entire abominal wall, etc. She still can not eat and in pain..BUT they want to try low dose chemo. Palliative Care said it is her decision. We are so confused on what to do. I just want her to have no pain.
PLEASE contact me. We need to talk and maybe we can help each other. I am so confused and they want to start this chemo in 2 days since we are at week 3 from surgery. Her Bowls have really not worked since March and now they say most likely small intestinal partial blockage too. We just do not know if the getting sick again with chemo is worth it. Please help!
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    My heart hurts just thinking
    My heart hurts just thinking about the question you are asking. Your mom has a hard decision to make. There are so many choices of pain meds out there, why aren't the docs finding a combination that works for her? And I've never understood, I'm an RN and have worked with many cancer now myself, how docs think that adding low dose chemo to an already compromised situation...hence feeling worse is really an alternative? In my personal experience I have never met a patient who benefited from the extra chemo physically, but for those fighters out there...mentally it helped them feel stronger. My heart goes out to you on this journey.
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    I'm from Texas too!
    Your family has a tough decision to make and I think if your Mother is lucid that she needs to be the one to make it and you support her. Each of us are different in our choices. There should be pain control no matter what. I will pray for you and your family at this difficult time. (((HUGS))) Saundra
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    Prayers ♥ Hugs
    Dear Texas Friend,

    What a hard road for you and your family. I know you only want to do what is best for mom and I agree with Saundra ~ please discuss it with your mom and then support her in her decision. Frees you both up for no what ifs no matter what you do. Saying lots and lots prayers for you all. Hugs Bonnie