Hate the taste of food whats up with this !!!

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As i sit here i feel like the new kid on the block , as i get closer to surgery ( july 8th )i have noticed my weight dropping each week now and hate the taste of food at times now it drives me crazy , even a ritz cracker and cheese turns my palate , still feel ok but am trying to get a handle on this food thing, so any advice from any one would help me a lot , still have a good bit of strength and still working out side but get tired , especially when chest gets at me so anyone else been through this drop me a line need help solving this and dealing with it .North Fl Tim


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    Hi Tim,

    Are you on any treatment?

    For d. but many common things just will not work for me anymore I can not eat chicken or pork but love Tacos and hot sauce!! LOL I really like soft cold things. Which is mostly yogart and ice cream Ha
    I was not an ice cream eater before. !!!!!!! It is crazy. Some days I can eat something the next No !!!!
    I use to ask for something and when it was brought to me i could not eat it. I think these things are our new normal..Just hope they go away..Luckily I still love my vegtables!!
    It is just a process that for me is always changing .

    Good luck
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    thanks judy
    thanks food is just not tasting good at all now , yougurt and anythingcold i agree is my best but nothing solid seems like agrees with me , frozen yougurt is my best also ??
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    During chemo I had
    During chemo I had difficulty with taste; also would get a metallic taste in mouth when eating. Was suggested at place where I got chemo to use plastic silverware (now there's an oxoymoron / plastic and silver) anyway that worked. I still (last chemo 4/22/09) have times when I think I want a particular food and when it is in front of me I think: "I can't eat this." My stomach flips just looking at it. I do the best I can (could easily afford to lose some weight) but need "good" foods for health reasons. One of the food items I have't had difficulty with is smoothies. I make my own usually, yogurt (plain); 1/2 bannana, some kind of fruit (usually strawberries or someother berry) and a splash of some fruit juice (love pomagrante). I can sip on that over time and read or play on compter and can get it down. Love to buy smoothies, like the mango, raspberry one at Panera Bread, but expensive. I treat myself to one once in a while. We have a place called Smoothie King here in S FL, they too are expensive but will make a smoothie with anything you want in it.
    I do have a hard time with meat, but have been able to get ground buffalo and really llike it. Very similiar to beef but not rich at all. Doesn't have that rich fatty taste that beef does (which I use to love). Cooked a buffalo ribeye other day, good but hard to cook cause so low in fat, will get dry fast. I was told to eat fat during chemo (by oncologist's staff) but since am overweight to begin with I tried to avoid too much of it. Again, as most things that are good for you it is expensive, but no waste in cooking.
    Every mouthful helps, but hang in and nibble on whatever you can.
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    hate the taste of food
    HI TIM: MY NAME IS JERRY. when I went through my CANCER treatment, chemo & radiation, i KNOWN THE "LORD held my hands, because i went nine months , without food & water. everything that attempted to enter my mouth came back out within than 50 sec. my taste for food is still very weak. I only eat moist foods, mostly veggies, gravies & ice cream. my love for sugar is up 200 percent. trying protein shakes, and soup. THE first thing that i eat after 9 months was some eggs drop soup. OH boy for 4 day egg drop soup stand down ! i was so glad. finally a food to keep me holding on. just pray hard and stay strong, never every give-up.
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    Hate the taste of food whats up with this !!!
    Hi Tim, Wife is going thru the same thing again....We have gotten creative and put chocolate instant breakfast and insure in the richest fattest vanilla icecream we can find. Try orange chocolate flavor too, surprisingly good and have some fun with your family and friends experimenting. By the time you're done tasting, you should be full!