Vaginal bleeding?

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I am a month out of surgery 41 years old and have been in perimenapause for over a year )no period) went to the bathroom to have a bm and I am bleeding from the vagina not rectum. Any ideas? anyone else have this or had this? Thanks, ittapp


  • Julie 44
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    Me Too
    Hi there,
    I am also perimenapausal and I do spot....I have spotted from treat too. I would check with my gno just to make sure its nothing more...Good luck...My mother always tells me don't worry until you have something to worry don't panic it is probably nothing...JULIE
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    I had it 2 years post and I
    I had it 2 years post and I had polyps and masses in my uterus then my uterus closed up and they could not do a biopsy so I had to have a hysterectomy turns out it was not cancer this happened in 2007 so I would go to your GYN now do not pass go do not collect $200.00
    I do not want to scare you but if it has been over a year some thing is up.

    Keep us posted. Qwe
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    don't get me wrong
    I would still go see my gyn or talk to my onc - however, when I had surgery (and had missed 6 periods) the surgery threw me into a period. only the one tho - then chemo took over and have been free for another 7 months now...
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    Do not pass GO
    Run, don't walk to your gynecologist. I was 4 months out of chemo when I had what seemed to be a period. This was wrong, since chemo threw me into full blown menopause. So I immediately saw my gyn and guess what? Yep, I had uterine cancer. It was really early days, so all I needed was the surgery, no chemo. But when something doesn't seem right, it probably isn't, so go get checked out.