6 more days to go !!

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Hi everyone, just keep posting that i still doing fine so far ,and have 6 more days to complete my 35 tx of radiation.I lost so far 12 pounds so the weight is been going down gradually and healthy as i planned even that i was in the need of losing some pounds in order to control my b/p too.
I experiencing some sores total of 5 but, honestly the worse one is the one in the tongue side border ,,,they burn even with water,, at this stage iam using a lot of milk shakes made with beans ,cabagge, and other grains since i cant eat soft food and i dont want either to damage my troat. I using the novacaine gel with a k-tip on those sores and, since i have that new one in my tongue that hurt a lot i will try for the first time a 20mg oxi pill.
Well i wish the best for all of you who started and went throug any type of tx ,,mine was not squamous cancer cell since i detected on time but, i did lot of tx to asure my future.
God Bless you all.